Cleansing the Dark Lands: A Creative Outlet for Tackling PTSD

Cleansing the Dark Lands: A Creative Outlet for Tackling PTSD

Cleansing the Dark Lands is a creative therapy journal for people struggling with PTSD, created under the guidance of a qualified psychologist by someone with 25 years of "been there, done that" lived experience.

About the Book

Are you looking for a way to put your inner critic in time-out while cleansing the shadows from your mindscape?

Cleansing the Dark Lands makes starting your recovery from PTSD as easy as breaking out a well-chewed pen and some craft supplies; because sometimes when you’re trapped in a dark place, it helps to cover the nightmare with glitter and doodles.

Using a combination of personal experience tempered by medical input, this highly customizable and creative remix of the standard therapy workbook offers:

– Much-needed reassurance that PTSD is a real, valid illness that’s not only common, but can be treated with time and effort.
– The opportunity to manage your symptoms in a creative, life-affirming way, regardless of your writing or artistic talent.
– A self-guided recovery path that will always be in sync with your current needs and capabilities.
– An escape from the scary sight of endless lines and empty pages that comes with journaling by providing prompts, which are both inspiring and thought-provoking.
– An eclectic compilation of medically proven therapy techniques that’ll help you actively bolster your mental resilience and stability when you need it most.
– A fun introduction to the power of transformational storytelling and mindfulness art practices.

So, let Cleansing the Dark Lands take on the role of a best friend and much-needed guide through the dark times and give yourself a creative way to start your PTSD recovery with a few pens, a little time, and a bit of self-honesty.



Cleansing the Dark Lands is an imaginative collection of strategies to creatively assist in the exploration of one’s lived experience of PTSD. A survivor of trauma herself, Verity Cast has drawn from her journey through PTSD to produce a truly inspired, artistic guide for others. Our individual experience of trauma is unique, as is our own journey of survival, growth and renewal, but to have the compassionate guidance of a fellow survivor, provides an unparalleled adjunct to clinical therapy.

Wing Commander Sharon Bown (Ret’d)
Author of One Woman’s War and Peace – A nurse’s journey in the Royal Australian Air Force
Ambassador for Phoenix Australia – Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health


Cleansing the Dark Lands is a beautiful and creative approach to dealing with trauma. Even as a self-confessed ’non art-therapy kind of guy’, I can’t help but be intrigued to give many of the activities a go. As trauma is not so much about the event, but rather our beliefs about ourselves as a result of the event, Cleansing the Dark Lands offers the reader strategies as well as private reflection and personal interpretation of those beliefs. It also reminds you of your excellence, your courage and your independence, but most of all that ‘you survived the trauma and now you’ll survive the recovery’.

Kevin Humphreys
Mental Health Ambassador, Keynote Speaker and Founder of Cor Infinitus

Genres: Mental Health, Self Help
ISBN: 9780648862888
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About the Author
VJ Cast

VJ Cast is a non-fiction author, colouring book creator, introvert, and co-parent of a home-schooled teen on the spectrum.

She’s brings over two decades of experience with depression, social anxiety, trichotillomania, disordered eating (EDNOS), non-suicidal self-harm, and bipolar II to her mental health journals. Fibromyalgia also enjoys kicking her ass, so she’s close friends with numerous hot water bottles.

She lives on a small island off the coast of Queensland, Australia with an abundance of wildlife and far too many friendly mosquitoes.

Her hair colours, like her medications, are subject to change.

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