Silencing the Inner Ghosts: A Creative Guide For Tackling Self-Harm

Silencing the Inner Ghosts: A Creative Guide For Tackling Self-Harm

Genres: Mental Health, Self Help
Publisher: Offbeat Brains
Publication Year: 2021
Format: 4x6 Paperback
Length: 112
Illustrator: Patmai De Vera
ASIN: 0648247457
ISBN: 9780648247432

Silencing the Inner Ghosts is a pocketbook-sized creative therapy guide for people struggling with non-suicidal self-harm, created under the guidance of a qualified psychologist by someone with 25 years of "been there, done that" lived experience.

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About the Book

Are you looking for a way to put your self-harm urges into a much-needed time-out?

Silencing the Inner Ghosts makes starting your recovery from self-harm as a coping mechanism as simple as breaking out a well-chewed pen and some craft supplies; because sometimes when you’re hurting deeply and afraid of what this might make you do it helps to cover the nightmare with glitter and doodles.

• Much-needed reassurance that you aren’t a ‘freak’ and that non-suicidal self-harm is a valid mental health issue that can be treated with time and effort.
• The opportunity, to manage your urges in a creative, life-affirming way, regardless of your writing or artistic talent.
• A self-guided recovery path that will always be in sync with your current needs and capabilities.
• An escape from the scary sight of endless lines and empty pages that comes with journaling by providing prompts, which are both inspiring and thought-provoking.
• An eclectic compilation of medically proven therapy techniques that’ll help you actively bolster your mental resilience and stability when you need it most.
• A fun introduction to the power of transformational storytelling and mindfulness art practices.

This pocketbook takes on the role of a best friend and much-needed guide during the dark times, and gives you a creative way to start your depression recovery with a few art supplies, a little time, and a dash of self-honesty.

The Guide includes:
– 112 pages
– Artwork by Patmai De Vera
– 39 art prompts
– 43 writing prompts
– 12-month monthly trigger log
– 12-month daily mood doodle log
– Mental health resource lists
– Ebook only freebies
– And more…

[Silencing the Inner Ghosts is] a very useful tool for trying to control the often uncontrollable push to self-harm. A user-friendly guide to overcome difficult moments.
– Professor Diego De Leo
As a creative work developed by someone who’s walked the path, this is a ‘real and raw’ tool to help people with self-harming behaviour(s) better understand where they’re coming from. Silencing the inner ghosts is an engaging collection of questions, challenges and activities for self-expression and self-reflection that can help people find valuable clarity amidst the turmoil of everyday life. Every activity can be used to develop insight into troubling thoughts and emotions, but it’s also easy-going enough so users can choose their own journey and take what’s needed.
– Dr Justic Chapman
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About the Author
VJ Cast

VJ Cast is a non-fiction author, colouring book creator, introvert, and co-parent of a home-schooled teen on the spectrum.

She’s brings over two decades of experience with depression, social anxiety, trichotillomania, disordered eating (EDNOS), non-suicidal self-harm, and bipolar II to her mental health journals. Fibromyalgia also enjoys kicking her ass, so she’s close friends with numerous hot water bottles.

She lives on a small island off the coast of Queensland, Australia with an abundance of wildlife and far too many friendly mosquitoes.

Her hair colours, like her medications, are subject to change.

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